Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Totally Just Jumped Off a Forty-Foot Cliff Holy Crap

Yeah. Forty feet into frigid lake water.

Today, a bunch of us took a trip to Lake Navajo to (I suppose) take the pontoon boat, which I have personally christined the S.S. Cliché due to repeated use of the phrase "I'M ON A BOAT."

We found a forty-foot cliff where a few jet skiers were jumping off between speculative gender accusations. After a dozen grueling attempts to climb onto the cliff, I finally found myself at the top. After a trip to nature's bathroom (to avoid "letting go" mid-flight), I finished psyching myself out and showed that I do, in fact, have a pair and plummeted into the cold water. Apparently, I executed the pencil dive so perfectly that I dropped an additional ten feet into the water. After gathering my wits and making a strenuous swim back to the Cliché, we're heading back to shore, racing the impending rain.

Sooo tiiired...

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  1. Sounds exciting, I was telling my friend earlier we need to rent a boat and go tubing, haven't done that since I was a kid..