Monday, July 26, 2010

Laughlin Needs To Be Nuked Out Of Existence

Though the sunset was glorious. Today, our caravan made its way from Point A to Laughlin, Nevada. I think this city might be a displaced chunk of Hell.

In case you don't know what Laughlin's like, imagine Las Vegas minus the class, the fun, and pretty much everything good. Basically, Laughlin is Vegas' fat ugly sister. I want this place to become the next major nuclear testing site.

Ugh. There's a curfew in place for everyone under 18, preventing a few members of our party from seeing the greatest work of cinematic mastery (Inception).

All in all, it's not all bad. We bowled a bit, watched some Cosby, and I had half a hot dog. The drive up was fantastic, too. We visited a dinosaur tracks park (pictures later), saw some stunning landscape, and I got to see a magnificent sunset. Tomorrow, California!

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