Thursday, July 29, 2010

Of Mice and Gigantic Trees

Today was wonderful! After a quick breakfast, the troupe drove nearly an hour into the nearby mountains where we explored the Giant Forest among the enormous sequoia trees.

Unfortunately, my phone inexplicably committed suicide half an hour into the trek, so this picture will have to do for now (don't worry, I got some wonderful shots of the world's largest tree which I'll post up at a later time).

This particular monster was called the Buttress. It's estimated to be over 2300 years old and fell without warning (clear, calm, windless weather) on June 3, 1959. Apparently, these hulking things can randomly lose their balance (as was the case here) if the soil around them gets too wet or thin. The Buttress is 272 feet from where its top used to be to where its bottom used to be. That gnarly mass of roots there is about 20 or so feet in diameter. Important note: this was one of the smaller ones. I'll try to post some pictures of my cousins, brother, and I on top of it later so you can get an idea of the scale we're talking about here.

Later on while on a hike the group encountered a small bear just munching his way through an open field. My brother got some fantastic shots of it, which I'll try to remember to post later if I get the chance.

Overall, an absolutely magical day that really hit me hard with a question: Might I want to change my life's course toward being a park ranger of some kind? It's definitely something I need to give serious thought to, and I'll post on it at a later date.

For now, goodnight!

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  1. if you're gonna be a park ranger, be one in a place like that, or maybe yellowstone if it doesn't blow up in our lifetime. i wanted to be one at one point, wouldn't know what to major in to get there... prolly a cross between law enforcement and environmental science?